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Interview: Arnaud shares his vision of the consulting profession with us

Arnaud, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

During my management engineering studies at HEC Liège, I always wanted to apply my learning by getting involved in various student, voluntary and municipal organizations (Editor’s note: Arnaud is municipal councilor for the municipality of Waimes).

In order to finalize my course, I undertook a master’s degree in Intrapreneurship and Management of Innovative Projects. A master’s degree which has the specificity of being oriented towards the practical application of acquired knowledge thanks to a strategic project within a company with a work-study internship during the entirety of the last academic year. It is under these conditions that I was able to carry out a project to improve the procurement process within a company operating in the pleasure boating market (motorization, boat, parts and accessories).

Why did you choose GCP and the consulting profession?

Like many, I did not know exactly what job to turn to at the end of my studies. However, I knew that I did not want to integrate a large impersonal structure in which I would not recognize myself and which would not offer me learning opportunities and new challenges. I was looking for a job in which I would be challenged and where I would be able to acquire new skills/knowledge day by day. The consulting profession seemed to correspond to these expectations and I therefore began research in this sector.

It was during a Career Night organized remotely at HEC that I had my first contact with GCP Consulting. I directly liked the tone of the discussion as well as the frankness with which I was told about the profession of consultant. During the discussion, I could notice that I was aligned with their values ​​and that GCP could provide me with almost everything I was looking for for a first job: responsibilities, a listening team and an interesting entrepreneurial aspect. . So we stayed in touch and after another interview I had the opportunity to be hired as a consultant.

Tell us about the interactions between GCP Consulting and GCP Group

In addition to being a consulting company in process improvement, change management and digital transformation, GCP Consulting has the particularity of being part of a group with entrepreneurial ambitions. GCP Group is an investment fund active in 8 business sectorsranging from interior design to digital marketing, including events, fleet management, procurement and accounting management.

Working as a consultant at GCP Consulting allows you to be part of this entrepreneurial project and to participate in it concretely. After 2 weeks of internal training, I had the opportunity to be assigned to a continuous process improvement mission at Iome, the “interior design” branch of the GCP group. I joined a colleague on this mission and, upon my arrival, I had the opportunity to work independently on small internal projects. Few companies allow their young consultants to take on project responsibilities so quickly.

The basic idea within GCP-Group is to develop synergies between its different companies so that each one benefits from what the others can bring to it. For GCP Consulting, the group’s companies are the ideal breeding ground for raising the skills of its consultants. At the same time, the companies in the group take advantage of the experience of the various consultants in order to grow their business and improve their internal processes.

Personally, I find that the balance between internal missions and missions for external clients is the ideal playground for putting my skills into practice while continuing to train myself in the field.

GCP consulting is a consulting firm specializing in operational excellence and change management.