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Why invest in diagnostics?

Before starting a project

➕ Improving performance, digital transformation and change management are essential strategic issues for all companies, regardless of the sector of activity.

➕ Strategic diagnosis is recommended before the launch of a major project in order to align the organization with the objectives to be achieved and ensure the necessary sponsorship for change. Many companies underestimate the importance of this first step and often skip it.

➕ Carrying out a strategic diagnosis through analyzes of both the external environment and the internal value creation chain makes it possible to identify the key factors for the success of your transformation.

Definition of strategic objectives

✔︎ Definition of strategic objectives, to achieve the company’s vision, while respecting its values ​​and guaranteeing the fulfillment of its primary mission, are modeled in the “Balanced ScoreCard” which constitutes a powerful communication tool both towards management than towards the operational teams because it allows to quickly communicate the way in which the value is created by the organization.

✔︎ We can then translate your objectives into concrete actions (projects), with measurement indicators to ensure that the objective is measurable, target values ​​within a defined time frame, in order to guarantee that the objectives are achievable within a deadline allocated and a concrete and budgeted action plan.

→ This exercise makes it possible to closely link the actions to your company’s strategy but also to demonstrate the elements of the “case for change” favorable to your transformation.

ℹ️ GCP Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in operational excellence and change management.