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Fox & Beaver Advisory joins GCP Consulting

Fox & Beaver joins GCP Consulting

In line with its development strategy, GCP consulting has acquired Fox & Beaver Advisory in order to strengthen its “Procurement” service offering.

Fox and Beaver Advisory is a human-sized consulting firm specialized in cost optimization. Creating value for the customer is, in a way, the DNA of Fox and Beaver Advisory since its core business is the optimization of all purchasing costs of any organization, regardless of the product or service purchased.

The Fox and Beaver Advisory team helps its clients buy better to save money by streamlining their purchasing process. In addition, by assisting the client in the precise definition of its needs, Fox and Beaver Advisory consultants can optimize the products and services purchased while obtaining the best contractual guarantees and protections available on the market.

What is its working method?

Unless the client has a specific issue to address, the Fox and Beaver Advisory team generally starts each new business relationship by conducting a purchasing diagnostic to assess the potential for improvement in the various cost areas.

When significant improvements are identified and to the extent that the achievement of these improvements does not present a risk to its Client, Fox and Beaver Advisory intervenes at each stage of the optimization process:

  • Redefinition of the need (specifications).
  • Preparation of the tender documents.
  • Realization of the call for tenders.
  • Analysis of the offers.
  • Negotiations.
  • Selection and finalization of the contract.

Fox and Beaver Advisory’s services are “à la carte”: it is the client who decides if the team intervenes in one, several or all of the optimization steps.

What are the interactions with GCP Consulting?

GCP consulting is a consulting and services company, specialized in the improvement of the performance of companies. We offer consulting and support services to SMEs and large companies to make them more competitive and efficient and prepare them for digital transformation.

Among these main services, our “Procurement” offer concerns more specifically the acquisition of a digital solution (ERP, CRM, EDM, mobile application, etc.), because the procedure for purchasing a digital solution cannot be improvised. GCP Consulting assists its client from the definition of its needs to the selection of a supplier. By involving all the company’s trades, we propose a procedure and a rigorous methodology, objective and adapted to each customer:

  • Facilitation of workshops to define the client’s needs.
  • Specialized expertise in the drafting of specifications.
  • Advanced knowledge of public and private contracting legislation.
  • Bid analysis methodologies.
  • Accompaniment during demonstration rounds and negotiations.

Therefore, the association between GCP Consulting and Fox & Beaver Advisory allows us to offer specific services, adapted to companies and organizations that either do not have professionals dedicated to purchasing, or that already have a purchasing department. We work in perfect complementarity with the purchasing and legal departments of our clients since we respond to a real demand from buyers:

  • We provide them with a broader view of the market, beyond their company’s sector of activity, which is valuable because purchasing managers cannot develop market benchmarks on all subjects themselves.
  • We free up buyers’ time to focus on their strategic purchasing. They delegate their non-strategic purchases to us, which also require specialized expertise that is often difficult to acquire. Buying, for example, insurance contracts, ERP, CRM, vehicle leasing, etc… requires very specific knowledge that the Purchasing departments of companies do not really have an interest in developing internally since these contracts are only renegotiated every 3 or 4 years.
  • We establish a strategic diagnosis, lead workshops, and define with our client the product or service he really needs.
  • Beyond the optimization of the purchase costs, our mission is also to assist our customer during the implementation phase of a solution when it is complex, by ensuring :
    • program/project management
    • risk management,
    • budget management,
    • change management, etc.

This new collaboration allows our teams to offer you a complete and experienced “Procurement” service, able to accompany you in the optimization of all phases of a purchasing process until the implementation of the purchased product or service.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions!

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