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Our mission

GCP Academy

At GCP, we know that the involvement of stakeholders is a fundamentalstep in the managementof change that allows maximizing the chances of success of any transformation.

Based on our experience, we offer a set of customized and pragmatic trainings to facilitate and optimize the involvement of your key resources.

"Knowledge is the only thing that grows when shared" (Socrates).


List of trainings we offer:

Project Management

  • Understand what is/isn't a project
  • Understand the difference between the main project management methods how to  choose most appropriate according  to the context (predictive, iterative, incremental, hybrid, ...)
  • Understand the necessary conditions to start a project (definition of objectives/business case)
  • Understand the basics of project management and how to manage each stage of the project life cycle

Change Management

  • Understand why it is necessary to manage change

  • Stages of change management

  • Conducting a stakeholder analysis and impact assessment

  • Define a communication plan

  • Objectivize the achievement of objectives with the right KPIs

Other modules

  • Data migration management

  • User testing management

  • Drafting of specifications and call for tenders (RFI/P/Q)

  • Another need, contact us

Request information about a course

Are you convinced that learning new skills through training or coaching willgive you a competitive advantage ? Contact us so that we can develop a program adapted to your needs.

CFO asks CEO : What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us ?
CEO : What happens if we don't and they stay ?