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Feedback – Realization of a 360° diagnosis

Why carry out a 360° diagnosis and how can it support your company in tackling the challenges of the future?

Any company, regardless of size and industry, is continually trying to improve its organization, tools and processes. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to target the actions and innovations to be implemented, to prioritize them, to measure them and to find quantifiable and planned solutions. Internal resources, expertise, time or even objectivity are sometimes limited in order to carry out such an analysis.

This is why the Fit4innovationprogram was set up by Luxinnovation (National Agency for the Promotion of Innovation and Research). A program of which GCP Consulting is a part and which aims to make Luxembourg companies more competitive thanks to the subsidized intervention of consultants. It is in this context that we share with you the experience of carrying out a 360° Diagnosis for the company CARSHINE, a company operating in the automotive service industry in Luxembourg..

The challenge:

In this context of seeking improvement and sustainability of the company, CARSHINE has decided to call on Luxinnovation and GCP Consulting to help it identify the avenues on which to focus in order to make the company more efficient and competitive. possible while continuing to develop on a robust and healthy basis.

It was therefore a question of carrying out a complete review of the different perspectives: financial, customers, process or even organizational. To do this, GCP Consulting intervened in order to carry out a complete diagnosis leading to precise recommendations.

The project

Thanks to its expertise and approved methods, GCP Consulting conducted this 360° diagnosis in three major stages:

Step 1:Interviews & Workshops

A series of workshops and discussions were organized with the management and various departments of Carshine for an understanding of the processes, main issues and corporate culture. This step allowed:

    • Definition of current processes (AS IS)
    • Identification of improvements/problems and analysis of the causes
    • Gathering information and solutions (brainstorming)
    • Measure processes (KPI)

Step 2 : Analysis

Following the study of the documents and information received during the previous step, GCP Consulting conducted a first quantified analysis with for example:

    • SWOT Analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats)
    • ROI Analysis
    • Strategy Map (Balanced Scorecard)
    • Roadmap
    • Quick Wins

Step 3 : Business Case

GCP Consulting has produced and submitted to Carshine a complete document of recommendations including the different solutions grouped into 4 main axes. Everything was presented in a precise and quantified manner regarding the budget, return on investment, duration, prioritization, key indices, implementation details and governance of an implementation project.


In a period of increased competitiveness pushing companies to fight on several fronts, the 360° Diagnostic has not only helped Carshine to define, clarify and evaluate in an insightful and objective way the axes of improvement to make itself more competitive, but has also reassured and convinced Carshine to pursue this project and its second phase of implementation of the Fit4innovation program with GCP Consulting.

Would you like to find out about carrying out a 360° diagnosis within your company and the Fit4innovation program to help SMEs? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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