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Homeworking is now established as a new form of work organization, better known under the acronym “NWOW- New Ways Of Working”.

In view of the current health crisis, homeworking is gaining ground. However, its implementation is not always simple and often requires a framework. Beyond the technical aspect, homeworking induces a change in the internal organization of the company which must be prepared for it.

Discover our expertise in this field through the case study of CILE, Compagnie Intercommunale Liégeoise des Eaux.

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The challenge:

CILE, as part of its digital transformation plan and with the help of its project manager: GCP Consulting, has implemented homeworking for a part of its staff for one year.

The project

GCP Consulting led a working group gathering: the unions, the management and the HR department.

A POC (Proof Of Concept or Pilot), involving several employees with different profiles, allowed to measure the feasibility of homeworking for the organization as well as for different functions. On this basis, and thanks to the testers’ feedback, GCP Consulting defined a tailor-made work framework, adapted to CILE’s specificities.

In collaboration with all the departments involved, GCP Consulting facilitated the deployment of this “NWOW” by structuring the approach with different tools:

  • The detailed implementation schedule
  • The evaluation of the financial means to be implemented
  • The inventory of the hardware and software
  • The list of eligible functions
  • Adaptation of the working rules (validated by the Board of Directors and the Trustees)
  • The user guide for the homeworker

GCP Consulting also provided the necessary support for the management of the change resulting from the adaptation of the work processes (impact analysis, perception, communication), while ensuring operational continuity.


The CILE, visionary in this priority, has today the ability to fully ensure its mission of public interest in the exceptional context of the Coronavirus. In a more general context, homeworking allows CILE to develop a culture of trust and autonomy, to offer its employees the benefits of greater flexibility, a better work-life balance, and a reduction in travel to and from work; but also to pursue its overall digital transformation project.

You want to manage the implementation of homeworking in your organization? Our teams are here to help you.