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20 years of GCP consulting: Gabriel Catania, founder and CEO, tells the story.

We had the pleasure of talking to Gabriel Catania, CEO of GCP Consulting, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In this exclusive interview, Gabriel reveals the secrets of his success, his exceptional career path and his vision for the future of the company. Find out how, over two decades, he has combined innovation, commitment and leadership to propel GCP Consulting to the top of its sector.

1. GCP Consulting celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. What was the driving force behind the founding of GCP Consulting, and how has your initial vision evolved as CEO?

After 20 years of loyal service with one of the world’s largest multinationals (ExxonMobil), I was at a crossroads : either continue a successful international career or go back to adventure and satisfy the entrepreneur in me.
I was convinced that I could bring real added value by transferring the know-how accumulated over 20 years from a company at the cutting edge of best management practices.
That’s how I came to create GCP Consulting in 2004. We subsequently extended our activities to other areas, all of which are now grouped together within GCP Group.

2. GCP Consulting has over 40 employees and has worked with more than 150 notable references. What are the main factors behind this success and customer loyalty?

In addition to my professional skills, my professorial activities at HEC enabled me to build up an excellent team of collaborators to whom I was able to transfer a culture of excellence and humility. We have also set ourselves apart from our competitors by acquiring and creating companies, so that we are not just advisors.
Today, the group has 250 employees, and we put our own management and project management advice into practice.
Gabriel catania

3. Looking to the future, what are GCP Consulting's key objectives and prospects for the coming years, particularly in terms of growth, innovation and expansion of its areas of expertise?

GCP consulting’s main objective is extremely simple: to continue satisfying our customers beyond their expectations.
To achieve this, the boutique spirit is essential to deliver quality made-to-measure and not ready-to-wear. From the outset, our motto has been “Tailored and focused”.
Gabriel catania

4. In the "Our consultants have talent" section, we'd like to put you in the spotlight. Could you tell us about a talent, hidden or otherwise, that you're particularly proud of?

It’s always difficult to talk about your own talents. I think that more than any particular talent, it’s above all this motivation, present in entrepreneurs, to carry out projects using collective intelligence. For me, the corporate world remains an extraordinary and exciting environment, where you have to manage a complex and constrained system for the benefit of all stakeholders.

5. What does "succeed" mean to you and what message would you like to convey to your team for 2024?

The word
often refers to a company’s economic performance. This is of course an essential dimension, but as far as I’m concerned, it has to be accomplished within a framework of good ethical and societal governance, and in a positive working environment focused on employees’ professional development and well-being.

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