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From growth to profitability, the tool as a vector of transformation

For many companiess, the strategy is first of all based on the growth fast to increase its shares market and reach a critical size compared to its competitors. This strategy requires agility and often hurts the organizations and processes who supports it.. After a period of “Growth before profits », the search for efficiency generates transformationprojectsin order to better integrate information and optimize cost structures. Thea reflection ofan adapted entreprisearchitecture to this paradigm shift, “Profits before growth »,leads tothe implementation of ERP,CRM, documentmanagementor everthe BPI/BPM. The tool then becomesthe vectorof the transformation.

How does this materialize on the ground?

The management ofsuch projects cannot be improvised and needs a« gating » approach. GCP’s approach is intendedto be adapted and pragmatic. Find out how it works on the ground:

▸ Governance

Full support for the management of your project, including the organization and sequencing of differentactivities, monitoring scope, budget and risks, producing progress reports, communicating and aligning with stakeholders and management.

▸ The RFI “Request For Information”

An analysis of existing solutions and integrators on the market, a quick diagnosis to identify the “case for change” or the “business case” of the transformation.

▸ The “Request For Proposal” RFP

The realization of a mapping process via thematic workshopsto determine the different stages of your internal processesby identifyingyour needs : “MUST HAVE”, “SHOULD HAVE” andNICE TO HAVE”, with a view to formalizing specifications. This overhaul allow a reflection onoptimization of your processesand an analysis « As is – To be » ofthe business flow in order to anticipate the impacts of change.

▸ The “Request For Quotation” RFQ

Support in thetendering process for the choice of a solution and its integrator. GCP uses a toolboxthat facilitates the alignment of offers,their evaluationand negotiation.

outil transformation entreprise

▸ Implementation

During the implementation phase of the solution, in addition to project management, GCP offers specific assistance on elements of the critical path of the project:

  • The definitionand monitoring of the recovery strategy for your data from the old to the new tool, aligning all stakeholders on the recovery approach and rules.
  • Control of the qualityand completeness of the documents produced.
  • Coordination and organization of training.
  • The preparation and monitoring of the realization of User Acceptance Tests (UAT) in order to validate the technical solution.
  • The realization and execution of the business changeover plan.
  • The proposal and the implementation of the organization of the post go live support of the solution.

▸ Go Live

After the tool has been put into operation, we provide follow-up and support to users over the first few months. This involves the implementation of a BI file allowing the analysis of a monthly report and KPIs in order to evaluate the adoption of the project and to help strategic decision-making to quickly ensure the stability of the processes.

By Léna Thonon, Process Improvement & Change Management Senior Consultant chez GCP,who has more than 10 years of experience in the design and implementation of implementationprograms ERP solution in different business sectors. She has acquired extensive experience in project management, change management in the public and private sectors as well as in the management of tender procedures of all types. She holds a Master’s degree in Management Engineering, Performance Management and Control from HEC Liège.

GCP consulting is a consulting firm specializing in operational excellence and change management.