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Interview : How do you reconcile being a director with your passion for music ?

We introduce you to Thomas Hubert, director of GCP Consulting for almost 17 years and passionate about drums. Discover in this interview how Thomas reconciles his passion for music between his meetings and his job as a director.

Introduce yourself in a few words and what do you do at GCP Consulting ?

Thomas Hubert, I am pleased to take up the position of Director of GCP Consulting after nearly 17 years and dozens of projects in a wide variety of sectors (heavy industry, equipment manufacturers, construction, public services, food processing, distribution, logistics, energy, etc.). My current area of expertise is change management coupled with process reengineering. However, my real interest is in coaching our employees and maintaining the GCP culture.

We are interested in the talents of our consultants, tell us more about yours ?

I have always been attracted to the arts in a broad sense, especially painting and music. I gave up on the first one a long time ago due to lack of time. I continue to play the second one in an episodic way : I first started playing guitar and singing in a rock band, then I spent a short period in a jazz band as a bass player. Today, drums are my #1 passion.

When did it start ?

It all started when I found my father’s old guitar gathering dust in the attic at the age of 14. I was absolutely motivated and already passionate about music at the time, which allowed me to learn on my own. I switched to bass during a one-year stay in the United States. The passion for drums was already in me, but it’s only around 30 years old that I started to “tap” and learn by trial and error and thanks to this infinite source of information that is the Internet.

How do you reconcile this with your professional life ?

I have an electronic drum kit (with headphone sound) in my office that allows me to decompress between meetings when I’m working from home. It’s not much, but in this way I can maintain a passion that can also take a lot of time if you want to build something. I still have the pleasure of jamming with a dozen friends when we manage to synchronize our agendas… that is, not often enough 😉

A little advice for people who would like to start an extra-professional activity ?

Even if it seems impossible given your current schedule, it is always possible to make the necessary arrangements for a passion that will make you grow and will soothe you even more in your professional activity. The frustration of regret certainly does not contribute positively to your job performance.
In the end, looking back, I learned 2 lessons :

1 – When you are genuinely passionate about something, you can achieve amazing results.

2 – This doesn’t mean that doing without professional advice is smart 😉

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